Michael Ventrue: The King of Hearts (king_of_hearts) wrote in roleplayers,
Michael Ventrue: The King of Hearts

A White Wolf Game

Hi, I'm knew and I just here to promote a larp that I am co-storytelling:

Our troupe, which larps at San Jose State in San Jose, California every friday is starting up a new game using the White Wolf system of the World od Darkness. We're currently testing out the game and it will start with character creation which should start in three weeks from friday the 8th. We currently have 20 loyal gamers and we're looking to recruit at least 20 more. This will be a Vampire/Werewolf/Mage game set around political intruige and less on random acts of killing leaches for fun.

All groupes have caps and we let people play them on a first come first serve rule. The game is more heavly focused on vampire. All the regular Cam clans and independents by storyteller aprovel. We want to lean heavy on Brujah, Ventrue and Nos. There our several werewolf spots avilable. NO Red Talons! We're looking for Glasswalkers, Bone Gnwaers, Stargazers and Chil'n of Gaia though others will due, again storyteller aprovel. Any one intersted in playing a mage must first start off as a hedge mage unless given permission to do other wise by the storytellers. Hedge Mages that prove them selves will be rewarded with the awakening or something else...

The Basic backplot of our game is: Vampires: You will most likly fleeing San Francisco/Oakland to escape the horrible plague that has infected the Vampires there. Your only hope is the Werewolfs who live in San Jose and are willing to cleanse you of your taint...
Werewolfs will be taught all they need to know from the Sept elders.
Hedge Mages can either be free agents or work under the local Dreamspeaker.

If there's any questions please ask. If interested I can give you directions and more info on the game. If your realy hardcore and want to start right away you can join for the testing, we have a few important roles yet to fill and were always looking for exprinced gamers. I'll also have the exact date the game will start. Hope someone out there is intersted cause this is going to be one hell of a game.
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