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Honest with myself

I suppose the root of the problem re: Me vs. White Wolf is that I've never had much use for Apocalyptic visions.

Real or pretend, the "End of the World" scenario is weak and over used, sort of a cosmic cop out, if you will. I crave the challenge of a world that lasts, that heals and kills itself by turns. I ache for the opportunity to taste both subliminal victories and devastating defeats.

Digging a deeper hole is one option of many. Giving up, throwing in the towel, calling it quits... It's just not my style, man. I can't get excited about having it all washed away in a cataclysmic blood bath. There are so many other ways to go out. I want to try them all. Armegeddon is waaaaaaaaay down my list. Like, not on it at all.
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