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World of Darkness ending

I've been trying to figure out what always bugged me about the Gehenna plotline in the World of Darkness. I think it's mostly that I preferred to play in games that generated their OWN plotlines and ignored Gehenna. I was among those that made fun of Storytellers who actually ran games that brought about Gehenna.

I was always in it for the intricate setting. I was unhappy when the third edition came out, and I had to buy it to keep up with my gaming friends, and they'd pushed the storyline further toward the End. I wanted the setting, not to have their uberplot pushed on everyone who played in the game. Let the storytellers come up with their OWN frelling plot.

And now, I find after just joining some live-action games run by the Camarilla organization that they're going with this end of the world plotline.

I think I'm going to drop out and just stick with D&D from now on. Or with ST's who'll just run their games as if this hadn't happened. I'm really disheartened by this.
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