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For my personal project, I have compiled a list of social skills in RPGs. If there are any omissions (skills omitted, not games that also have said skill) please contribute.

The skills are generally clumped for ease of reading. For stat+skill games, the skill must be grouped with a social stat or used often enough with a social stat (i.e. Bureaucracy from WoD). For other games, it should be listed or described as a social stat somehow (i.e. Fast Talk from CoC).

---Legwork Skills---
Networking (WoD: GTTT)
Net of Contacts: [Specify] (Kult)
Credit Rating (CoC)
Credibility (CP2020)
Power Brokering (WoD: GTTT)
Bureaucracy (d20 Spycraft, WoD?)
Politics (MET)
Gather Information (d20)
Inquiry (Fading Suns)

---Intimidation Type Skills---
Torture (WoD Sabbat)
Intimidate (d20)
Taunt (7th Sea)
Staredown (deadlands uses Guts, also a d20 feat and a Werewolf gift)
Interrogate (RTLB)

---don't be fooled by the short list; the skill is almost always called "Persuade" or some variant---
Persuade (CoC, 1st ed Changeling, many others)
Authority (CP2020)

---For Use on Large Audiences---
Oratory (Fading Suns)
Rhetoric (Kult)
Composition (DP2020)
Debate (Fading Suns)
Expression (WoD)

---Poker Faces, Lies and Cons---
Bluff (d20)
Subterfuge (WoD)
Disguise (d20)
Streetwise (WoD)
Fast Talk (CoC)
Con (Paranoia)
Spurious Logic (Paranoia)
Knavery (Fading Suns)
Bribery (Earthdawn)

Culture (first ed Mage, d20 Spycraft)
Conversation (Earthdawn)
Innuendo (d20 Spycraft, clever system)
Etiquette (Shadowrun requires specialty, but significantly different interpretation in WoD)
Diplomacy (d20)
Bootlicking (Paranoia)
Social (CP2020)
Impress (Fading Suns)

Psychology (CoC)
Human Perception (CP2020)
Empathy (WoD)
Psychescan (Paranoia)

Bargain (d20)
Trading (Earthdawn)
Negotiation (Shadowrun)
Streetdeal (CP2020)

---Looks, Booty & First Impressions---
Personal Grooming (CP2020, where else?)
Wardrobe & Style (CP2020, where else?)
Charm (Fading Suns)
Flirting (Earthdwan)
Seduction (CP2020)

---In both cases, however, we're actually looking at a *trained* skill---
Resist Torture/Drugs (CP2020)
Stoic Mind (Fading Suns)

---Inspiration and Command---
Warfare: Military Tactics (Fading Suns)
Leadership (WoD)
Charismatic Leadership (CP2020)
Motivation (Paranoia)

---Special Job-Related---
Interview (CP2020)
Perform (CP2020, used as a more general social skill for some magic powers in WoD)
Acting (WoD, many others)
Gamble (RTLB, other games it tends to be mental)
Fortune Telling (Kult, specifically a con artist skill)

ALSO NOTE - before you start replying "Diplomacy is not an Etiquette type skill!" remember I clumped them generally and quickly, with little thought, for the purpose of ease of reading. The point is just to get the list, not to categorize perfectly.

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