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X-posted (Mansion Names)

So anyway things have been continuing in the epic game i mentioned earlier. Iv been made aware that my stores of cash for the game is larger then i first read, so for the sake of role-play i have a large mansion somewhere (im shooting interplanitary). Now this is all well and good, but to get to my question, does anyone have any suggestions for names of the mansion/large ass home? You gave some sweet names when i asked about guild names and i wanted to try it again. Somtimes its easier to get good ideas from others if you're too rapped up in the game itself to do much artistic thinking. Here are a few specifics im including into the mansion, so as it will be known what sort of name would work for it.

-Large (High) Elvin Influence, very artistic and natural.
-Magic and Art used to beutify the area
-A place where a Chaotic Nuetral rogue could kick off his shoes and relax
-Training area for his break-in plans and to keep him nimble
-Secret area to meet with high members of his guild

*Note: More of a Focus on a rogue who likes to read/think ahead; have art and nature close (more like rivendell, not as far as a Druid would decorate with nature), and elvin influence

My Last name in Elvin (i got a book with some elvish in it) is The Night Moon

Thanks for those who come up with somthing.
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