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Holy hell!

For those who still may not know: The End Is Nigh!

Everyone and their mother is accessing the page, so it's laggy as hell and keeps timing out. However, I'll post the text of that page below.

After 12 years of anticipation and development, White Wolf does the unthinkable and brings the World of Darkness to an end. The vampires' Gehenna, the werewolves' Apocalypse, the mages' Ascension - all merge into a great event that not only shakes the world, but destroys it. This is the Time of Judgment and you're invited.

The Lead-Up: The End Times

Every major evolution in the World of Darkness has led to this, but a few key products presage the events of the end.

WW2430 Lair of the Hidden™
(Aug 2003; ISBN 1-58846-242-0; $21.95; 144- page supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade®)
Hidden from time and prying mortal eyes, Hunedoara Castle lurks amid the mists of the Carpathians. Lair of the Hidden is a setting sourcebook and chronicle that examines the plans of a forgotten cult of Inconnu. It covers the cult’s aims and goals, as well as presenting a terrifying haven of powerful elders for players’ characters to explore - should they dare.

WW2431 The Red Sign™
(Nov 2003; ISBN 1-58846-245-5; $19.95; 128-page supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade and Mage: The Ascension ®)
As a title that combines the themes of Mage® and Vampire®, The Red Sign is a Lovecraftian revelation of ages-old horror. As the Tremere attempt to escape damnation, a faction of mages aids them in their blasphemous quest. Players can either join the conspiracy or oppose it — or find themselves knowing entirely too much about it.

WW8281 Days of Fire™
(Dec 2003; ISBN 1-58846-762-7; $19.95; 128-page tradeback chapbook for Demon: The Fallen™)
In the tradition of Vampire's The Book of Nod™, come the words of Lucifer himself, lost Prince of the Fallen, warning of the terrible cataclysm to come. Demon: Days of Fire presents a vision of the world on the brink of apocalypse, as ancient powers clash and the future of mankind hangs in the balance. Will the fallen destroy the threat of the Earthbound forever, or will the mad gods of legend bring about eternal night? Will the world be destroyed or reborn in the dawn of a new age? Tradeback.

Apocalypse Yours

The Time of Judgment itself unfolds in four hardcover game-books and one Mind's Eye Theatre book, each of which allows you to bring your characters face to face with Armageddon. These stories are epic and these books give you the tools to make them your own.

WW2999 Gehenna™
(Jan 2004;; ISBN 1-58846-246-3; $29.99; 224-page hardcover supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade)
Drawing the Vampire® line to a close, Gehenna brings about the conclusion of vampires’ World of Darkness®. Featuring a sliding scale by which Storytellers can custom-tailor the events of the End to their own chronicles, this book places the final accounting for the curse of Caine in the hands of the players’ characters.

WW3999 The Apocalypse™
(Feb 2004; ISBN 1-58846-323-0; $29.99; 224-page hardcover supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse)
The final sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse™, Apocalypse is a guide for how the world ends. You also get all kinds of Storyteller information on handling werewolves’ last stand. Can Gaia be saved, or will the Garou fall? Find the answers within - and choose which one you’ll fight for.

WW4999 The Ascension ™
(Mar 2004; ISBN 1-58846-417-2; $29.99; 224-page hardcover supplement for Mage: The Ascension)
The Day of Judgment is at hand. As the gods tally each soul’s due, mages struggle against their rivals to tip the scales of Karma in their favor, unleashing awesome power, heedless of Paradox. Will their final battle bring them Ascension… or Oblivion.

WW5399 World of Darkness: Time of Judgment™
(Mar 2004; ISBN 1-58846-475-X; $29.99; 224-page hardcover supplement for Demon: The Fallen; Hunter: The Reckoning; Mummy: The Resurrection; Kindred of the East; and Changeling: The Dreaming)
Time of Judgment is the final book for the World of Darkness® as you know it, and helps you resolve the stories of five different games: Demon™, Hunter®, Changeling™, Mummy™ and Kindred of the East™. This is the mother of all finales, offering you various scenarios and Storytelling ideas for ending or saving your game world. Are we all doomed, or is there hope for a new beginning?

WW5099 The Laws of Judgment™
(Mar 2004; ISBN 1-58846-522-5; $29.99; 296-page tradeback supplement for Mind’s Eye Theatre)
Laws of Judgment is a comprehensive guide to presenting the End Times for all Mind’s Eye Theatre™ games. Everything players and Storytellers need is contained within, from new rules and systems born of the End Times to ready-made doomsday scenarios to Storytelling advice on how to give a chronicle the finale it deserves.

The Time of Judgment Trilogy

See the end unfold in the Time of Judgment fiction trilogy. Each book stands on its own, but the three together tell an epic story of men and monsters facing their end.

WW11910 Vampire: Gehenna, The Final Night™
(Jan 2004; ISBN 1-58846-855-0; $7.99; 352-page paperback novel for Vampire: The Masquerade)
By Ari Marmell. The prophecies come true as the Antediluvians rise to devour their offspring. Beckett, researcher among the undead, struggles to stave off or find meaning to Gehenna before it’s too late. His search takes him from the burning cities of southern California to the grand chantry of the sorcerous Tremere, and beyond.

WW11911 Werewolf: The Last Battle™
(Feb 2004; ISBN 1-58846-856-9; $7.99; 352-page paperback novel for Werewolf: The Apocalypse)
By Bill Bridges. The werewolves of the Garou Nation gather as the Red Star Anthelios glows bright in the night sky. This is the Time of Judgment™ and the warriors of Gaia must fight one last, desperate battle with the dreaded Wyrm. Lord Albrecht, who bears the legendary Silver Crown, feels the weight of prophecy on his shoulders, but when a hidden enemy strikes at his pack, he may not live to fight his final foe.

WW11912 Mage: Judgment Day
(Mar 2004; ISBN 1-58846-857-7; $7.99 ; 352-page paperback novel for Mage: The Ascension)
By Bruce Baugh. The World of Darkness® teeters on the edge of total destruction. Thin-blooded vampires overrun the streets and the barrier between spirit and matter collapses. For normal people, it’s a time of madness and despair. For the mages of the world, it’s their last chance for spiritual Ascension. The mysterious Rogue Council and its agents fight the last battle for enlightenment, but hubris and jealousy could doom them (and all others) to oblivion.

*shakes his fist at White Wolf*

Damn you! Damn you I say! The best comment I can think of is attributed to Surreality@Snark. Behind a LJ Cut for language. Nothing I read said foul language was bad, but better to be safe than sorry. :)

White Wolf World Headquarters:

Designer #1: "Fuck! We've rehashed the same bland ideas and terrible system at least three times, yet each time, the number of books we sell decline!"

Designer #2: "I know. The only answer is to do this again and pray for the best."

Designer #1: "Genius! But how?"

Designer #2: "Let's go the same original route of anime, the almost certain finale of the Wheel of Time series, and all bad Deus ex Machinas: we'll just end the world. They're gonna have to buy the new books after that, because the world will be over! And because the world will be new, all our ideas will look fresh and original!"

Designer #1: "I love it! I call playing the new hero of the world, Ting Ting Judy Wu, Akashic Abomination Kuejin Antediluvian Deathlord Celestine!"

Designer #2: "Only if I can suck your cock!"
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