Merciful Tears (mercifultears) wrote in roleplayers,
Merciful Tears

Roleplayers Wanted

I roleplay, on AOL. Or I did, until I decided I didn't want to pay for the account anymore. I play free form only, and I like to think of myself as "elite" in writing style (not a thesarus humper), but a little nicer in attitude. I don't have a minimum post rule, though I usually find myself writing 3-4 per standard action if things are flowing as they should be. I do this for writing, because I enjoy it. But my dillema is that I no longer have AOL, and therefore, cannot find people to continue story lines with me.

I am open to most anything, except purly sexual roleplay scenarios/storyilnes (though the basis of a storyline revolving around it is not out of the question). I prefer medieval, but I am open to modern. I try to keep magic use to a minimum though, and that only in medieval. I am searching for male characters (though not anti-female players, but prefer male) to play romantic storylines more particularily. Hopefully this will aid me in my love of playing.

Any more questions, please ask...either here, or contact me through AIM chat medium: StarsNyght. If this medium is not accesibile, just ask.

Thank you.
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