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To all those in the Cain discussion:

Sorry, this comment was too long for a comment, so I made a new post ^^;;

Ok, first off that thing about the lake and blood is rather offensive to my wife, as this is her character. This "game" is a forum board RPG called momentum, which is sparring on a battlefield. Here is her bio, which I wrote myself.

hehe woops

Name: Syn`ciel Ne`thie
Age: Unknown
Race: Dark Eldar
Class: High Mage/Warrior
Powers/alignment: Dark

Physical Description: Syn is tall and lithe, as are all Eldar, standing at exactly 6ft. Her eyes are a deep purple, sometimes deepening almost to solid black, matching the color of her hair. Her hair is black and long, forming one braid down to the middle of her back, ending in metal clasp that spreads to form a tri-blade. Her skin is tan, tainted from the countless years of darkness that has flowed through her veins. In all she is a creature of beauty, ageless in appearance, yet youthful.

Powers/Abilities explained_


Syn has incredible sight, hearing, and speed/agility from countless years on the battlefield, honing her mind and body into an instrument of death, taking every ability she was born with and taking it to its ultimate level of perfection.

Battle Lust: The act of losing herself to her fight, feeling neither pain nor fear, only knowing that her enemy must die.

DarkFyre Sphere: When her immediate life is threatened an ability that was drilled into her subconscious will activate, causing a sphere of Dark Fyre to completely surround her body and then flare out for 10 ft in all directions, having the potential to harm allies� but then she never cared about that. It will act when any object or person is within 2ft of her, without her mind telling herself that it is ok. Thus, if she recognizes an ally it won't activate.


Fairy Ring: In lore a ring of flowers that you would kneel in the middle of and wish, hoping a fairy would grant it. This twisted version of that legend is 10 Dark discs the size of Frisbees encircling Syn's body. They can be controlled by her mind with little energy, merely telling them to expand, stay, or flare. When flared they streak in every direction. If touched by a disc the skin is infused with The Burning. The Burning is a curse that burns your skin or flesh from the inside out, slowly eating away at your body until you are healed or there is nothing left.

DarkFyre Sphere: A sphere of Fyre surrounds her body, protecting from almost any attacks, reflecting some.

Waters Edge: A strong defense against a single attack, this forms a vertical pool of water-like substance that will take in an attack, twist and distort it, and send it back to its source, virtually impossible to dodge. The taint on it is a curse that weakens the body and mind.

Darting lilies: Simple darts thrown in response to an attack. They are a foot long each, and in the shape of thin needles. They appear around her body and fire at her attacker.

Shifting Circles: A powerful, and rarely tried, defensive move. Using this Syn can fade onto a higher plane, leaving a shadow of herself on earth, her true essence moves through a gray plane, in a fog like environment. Her movements are not hidden however, since her body is still shadowed, but she cannot be harmed. She can only manage to remain like this for several minutes, or risk losing her body.

Warriors Call: A battle cry of sorts, something that will echo to the listener's very hearts, ally or foe. It instills a fear so deep that it will last for days; no one can be protected against it, for it sinks to the very soul. Those affected react in different ways, some cowering, some running, some merely screaming and attacking with a fear born frenzy.

Fade to Black: An illusion defense. This is where mirror images of Syn are projected and multiplied, each having its own aura, own life force, though they cannot attack with damaging effects.


Holy Balls: Unlike its name, these balls are anything but holy. They are balls of Dark Fyre, blessed with the spirits of Death. They corrupt what the touch, and burn with the unholy fire of The Burning. They are the size of baseballs.

Ball and Chain: Chains of ethereal material shoot from her, on the ends the heads of snakes. They seek out the target and strike at once, without thought or mercy. Their bites are as much psychological as they are earthly. The venom goes directly to the targets brain, slowing their movements, hurting their judgment, and marking them.

Nightingales ballad: A song so beautiful that it hypnotizes those she targets, making them forget she is their enemy, almost causing them to fall in love with her, wanting to protect her.

Writing on the wall: For this she must first prick her finger, then she makes the apropiate characters on a surface using her own blood, giving her the ability to summon almost any dark creature. The key is, that the more blood is used, the more powerful the summon. Using only minimal blood she can only summon relatively weak beings.

Sacrificing the Saint: For this Syn must sacrifice two creatures or people. She then takes their souls, but discards them into an ethereal plane of existence, then uses two souls from the millions in her possession and revives the bodies of those she killed, filling them with the two souls. The two souls that she replaces in the slain must be of Eldar blood to work correctly. When done, the two creatures will be invincible for a limited amount of time. Their bodies are taken to a new level never achieved before, unable to be destroyed by any means. If they are sliced apart, they reform; blown up, they reform. It does not last but for a few minutes, but for those moments they are god-like. When the time is up the bodies are reduced to ashes.

Despairing wall: Four walls of solid fire materialize around her and then move out at an alarming speed, devouring anything in its path.

Washing away the sin: Using one of her many elemental spells she commands the rain to fall, and fall it does in sheets of rain, almost like pieces of metal, so hard they are. This rain has the ability to bring floods in minutes, bring visibility to zero, and confuse enemies. And kill.

Heavens Falling: An elemental/dark spell combined. When used it causes swords made of fire to fall from the sky, not striking at any set target, but deadly if struck by. Once they hit the ground they explode in a 5ft radius.

Angel Loving: This is almost like a summon, but also like a shadow spell. In this Syn summons the angel Aleius, an angel like creature that Syn herself killed in one of her last battles with the Dark Eldar. She entrapped her soul, but learned that Aleius was not normal, and could be summoned back to do her bidding, but could not remain in this world long, or the bonds would be severed and she escape. Aleius's touch is almost death itself, sending the victims body temperature to such lows that the blood around the heart almost freezes. Her song is seductive, fall under it and the kiss she places upon your lips shall bring about your souls death before you body even dies.

Dancing Dart: Darts the victim has been struck now melt into the body, causing temporary paralysis and confusion.


Soul Reaper: This is the ability of all Dark Eldar, that of taken the souls of those they kill, if they still live when they are found. They are supposed to devour the souls, but Syn did not, instead she kept them, housing them safely on a plane that only she herself can reach.

Life Bringer: A very difficult task that of bringing someone back to life once they have died. To do this she must have a pint of blood from three different people somehow tied in destiny or life to the deceased, the person's soul, and the sacrifice of 3 creatures or other people.

Eagle wings: Doing this she moves into a dimension higher than that she is in but is identical to the real one. She can move freely for a limited amount of time. Here she can move unseen, undetectable. If she remains to long however, she will forget the way home, for time and space move strangely in other places.

Bringing forth the wrath: This is an elemental spell, where she can make large amounts of ground erupt or crack, sometimes going so deep as the plates under the earth and causing them to shift.

Breaking the grave: A basic necromancer spell, raising the dead, using their lifeless bodies as weapons against her enemies.

Wailing wind: A wind that is filled with souls of death, they travel about a set path as guards, killing anything they come in contact with. Their victims can hear their sorrowful wailing. They can feel the lifeblood of the living and seek it out, craving the blood, longing for the flesh.


Twin Blades: Blades on either hand that extend 1 and a half-foot out with a small blade on either side of the larger blade that spreads, forming a tri-blade. These are retractable with hollow centers and small open cuts along the edges of the blades. She fills them with a deadly poison, the venom coating the blades. If she wishes she can let dark fyre run along them and fire off of them in a straight arrow. These are the weapons chosen for her at birth, and she has used them almost since that time.

Staff/Scythe: A rune inlaid staff as tall as she is. The runes running along it strengthen her magic when channeled through it, if possible. By activating a spell a scythe blade can extend and retract from either end, or both.

Weapon spells:

Binding: She activates several runes on her staff and slams it butt first to the ground. A pentagram appears and spreads out, binding all those that it touches to the ground, causing them to become immobile.

Striking blade: When both ends of the staff are extracted, forming the double scythe she can attach one of her ethereal chains to it and throw it in a wide circle, or at a direct target.

Dancing Death: In this Syn utilizes her dimension traveling with her twin blades, fading in and out of the earth plane, blades spinning, a deadly whirlwind among her enemies, virtually untouchable.

Other Equipment:

Cloak: A special cloak with a spell fused into it that hardens it into pair of dark wings, or wraps around her, shrouding her completely in darkness and causing her to fade out momentarily.


Syn wears a purplish suit that is molded to her body, an unknown type of fabric that is blade resistant, as this was the only armor they wore into battle. The body suit covers her entire body but her hands, and her face, even covering her neck. Over this she wears a jacket like tunic of black color that reaches to her mid thighs and comes down over her hands. She forsook her battle helmet when she was exiled, and now only wears the cloak of her battle years, and her suit.

Personality: Syn used to be one of the fiercest warlords of the Commorragh Empire, just the mention of her name striking fear into those that she may come against. But now, she has changed. Though the evil is still there, begging for the blood of her enemies, she now sees good in places as well. Thus she is almost friendly, but still holds vast reservations about people in general.

In battle she is ruthless, uncaring of what acts she must perform to destroy those before her.


Syn was born in the 39th millennia, when even then her people were at war. She was chosen at birth as a Warlord for the Dark Eldar, and was training by the age of 5. For hundreds of years she trained in the art of war and battle, becoming something feared even among her peers. When she was 800 years old, still young by the Eldar standards, she was chosen for her first campaign and given a dark army. She was successful, sparing no one, nor soul. What she killed she devoured, tortured, and took. She was merciless, soon gaining the notice of the High Lords. She was given greater assignments, and soon began taking on entire planets with her massive armies of death and destruction. All fell before her, the glories she attained were almost unmatched.
Then she came to his planet. It was a routine take over and conquer, but here she met resistance, a man using something refused to the Dark Eldar, Dark Magic. He was so adept at it that she barely took him alive, herself taking more damage than ever before in her life. She was supposed to take his life, his soul, and devour his body� but she didn't. She kept him alive and took him too her own island, secreting him away in a hidden temple within her palace. She fought herself day after day whether or not to kill him, but finally she made a decision. She would make him teach her. She gave him the proposition. Teach her everything he knew, and she would spare his life. Seeing no choice he agreed, for he really cared not who learned the dark arts, and he knew she had the evil within her to master it. For 300 years he taught her in-between her missions. He taught her all he knew, everything, and was surprised to see that her potential was not even tapped. He knew she could handle much more than he had to offer. He began to map out planets he knew to have arcane libraries, and master spell chambers. She soon began conquering these planets, using her newly discovered magic to move the objects of the libraries to a special plane, making them able to appear back within her palace almost instantly. She drank up the knowledge like a sponge, always desiring more. And more. Now, the places she conquered, instead of devouring the souls, she kept them, in another dimension as she had learned in one of her manuscripts, to draw on their power as well as her own.
Ivanali, the dark mage, was kept alive by the magic surrounding her island, her planet, keeping him the way he was when he arrived more than a thousand years before. Despite herself Syn fell in love with the old man. For a thousand more years she pillaged planets of knowledge, always bringing the material back and learning more, and more. But then, he was discovered. The High Council had begun to grow suspicious, and seized her holdings while she was out of the system. They found Ivanali, and the books, manuscripts, and scores of other arcane equipment. Upon her return they tried surprising her, to capture her, but a sphere of Dark Fyre enveloped them. They tried again and again, but each time her Dark Magic repelled them. Finally they drew their last card, the mage. She surrendered, to save his life, further disgusting her superiors.
She was tried and found guilty of many, many crimes, among those were learning the Dark Art, as magic was forbidden to them, and of falling in love with one not of their race. They feared her, and what they didn't know, so instead of executing her they chose to exile her to one of the most pitiful places in the universe, as far as they were concerned. They banished her to the past, to another galaxy, to earth. They told her that if she would go quietly, they would spare her humans life, so she agreed, so great her love was. As the machines around her sprang to life, carrying out her sentence, she witnessed as his head was taken from its shoulders, and watched as his soul passed to the nether realm. Her heart-rending battle cry echoed through the chamber, sending all those within into fits of fear, just as her body faded into nothing, into the past.
She has been sent among the chaos that rules earth. Her goal, to find the shrines of ancient alien power, and to take back that which she holds most dear, the soul of her lover.

Ok, there is her bio. I know it goes against WH, but I wanted something creative, so WH experts forgive me.

As for the Cain thing, that was a matter of NOT knowing what he was. She asked someone what a powerful summon would be and they told her. I found out the reason they told her is because they figure the world is ending, so why not bring in Cain. As I said, that is nulled and I am currently trying to find something else for her to summon.

As for the blood: Our clan occupies Brazil, and we were hit by a shrine (one of the powers in momentum) and over 2 million people killed. She gathered this blood and stored it, along with the souls of those that died. In this attack she opened a rift and let the blood flow into the large room where she was.

Now then, any suggestions?
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