You live and learn. Or you don't live long. (hec8e) wrote in roleplayers,
You live and learn. Or you don't live long.


ive gone and got stuck on this idea...

problem is - im not that experienced..... nor any kind of storyteller yet.... so we need people who feel like being the creative force - at least initially.

the idea of seperate communities for seperate settings of the game has arisen, and i really like this idea. i have a code that i could donate for one, and im sure if there are enough people interested there wont be that many problems finding more.

id like to see this build in to a big web of a game - LJ seems like such a perfect format for something on this level.

i have plenty of time, but i would really REALLY appreciate someone who is a little bit more advanced in their knowledge of the games to help me get started. i would also like to have quite a big group of moderators etc as it will be easier for all involved as well as generating far more creative ideas.

so - anyone who is interested in formulating the basics - leave a message here and we'll get down to it! and anyone who has any input on how it should be run..... i want to keep it very open and involving everyone.

.:.EDIT.:. and if any of you know of any other RPG communities that may have ppl interested (this one is not that active, most of the time) please repost this over there! i want a bunch of people to get involved.... maybe being overly adventurous but if it got bigger enough we could even incorporate the lupes, mages etc...
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