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Still recuiting.

I am recruiting people for my clan. This is the basics of what we do:

Momentum Sparring

~~ What is Sparring? ~~

Sparring is interactive combat through literary forms of expression. This combat is fought with a character, which you as a Sparrer create. Sparring Characters are always very detailed, personalized and interesting … fused with special abilities, amazing powers, and an emotion-packed history.

Sparring has been around for about five to six years now, and since then it has evolved immensely. In the beginning, attacks made by Sparrer’s were but a few lines long. Nowadays, you can expect long, detailed paragraphs, that truly immerse everyone in the fight… making it a highly involved and enjoyable experience. Physical and emotional description help take fights between two warrior’s to a whole new level… attacks, counter-attacks, spells and curses… twists and turns, regeneration and transformation. All of these are just a few examples of what you’ll find in your average Spar these days.

~~ What is ‘Momentum Sparring’? ~~

Momentum Sparring plays a new twist on regular Sparring in that it seeks to link every sparring character together in a fully interactive universe (or even multiverse). On top of that, Momentum Sparring introduces something new named the Reputation System, a system aimed to encourage activity within Sparring by giving sparrers something to work for, and a means of proving themselves.

Where Sparring used to be conducted in “Random Encounters”, where one character would meet another in a random location and simply fight – for no real reason, Momentum Sparring now seeks to abolish this by creating a fully interactive environment, a dynamic universe. Now, anything can happen – you could be searching the Amazon jungle for a lost artifact, and then encounter another sparrer who is doing the same. A fight could erupt, but little did both of you realise there’s a huge clan battle going on nearby (which is being held in another topic), and the destruction that they are wreaking upon one another has set the forest alight. So in you’re battle, you’d be fighting in a flaming forest also. It’s a weak example, but hopefully you get the idea: no spar under the Momentum system will fail to have an effect upon at least one other spar. A level of cause-and-effect, and of continuity and cycle, is thus introduced into the world of sparring.

Anyone the least bit interested?
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