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i mentioned some time ago about trying to start dming...i'm now looking at a game when school starts back that i'll try to run for 3 of my friends, using the buffy system.

what i'm thinking of is a small, college centered town and the characters would ideally be students at the private school. the thing is, i'm kinda hoping for a weird party of heros. as in monster-type characters.

i'm willing to work out details and glitches that the players might come up against in creating such a character and having them fight evil and i'll prob allow items as necessary to move things along (such as a special talasman ring to protect vampires from sunlight, that sort of thing.)

and if someone wanted to play a human instead i'd work with them to figure out some special abilities and/or items they could have as a trade off.

part of my problem is that i am not familiar with the show, so while i've read the plot summary and heard about it/had some things explained i still have a very different understanding of things in the buffyverse than people who have watched the series and 2 of the players have watched pretty much every episode. i tend to think of demons from a more world of darkness and various horror things approach since that's what i've read/seen.

so i'm trying to come up with incentives and ways of helping this work that they'll be happy with. i mean my setting will be in another town and in an alternative reality so that would give us more negotiation i think but i still want them to be able to accept and get into the game and their characters.

one player has suggested use vampires killing people on campus, the government or other such evil group controlling/experimenting on demons, protecting the human friends they've made, maybe even some npcs who are hunters or the likes being after them.

so...any ideas, suggestions, and words of wisdom to share?
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