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Versatile Combat System pt.1

The following is part of a combat system that I
have developed. I have decided to present the
Mecha combat version here, although I also have
versions for good old fantasy battles. I would
like to get some feedback from some of you on
how well you think the system would work, or
whether it has any glaring problems. I don't
have a group these days with whom I could
actually playtest this system.

The system (I call it VCS for Versatile
Combat System) is based on Action Points (AP).
A Mecha pilot starts out with 10 AP. The
maximum amount of AP (of absolute elite forces)
is 20. AP can be used to buy a variety of
actions and bonuses. It is the flexibility of
AP (instead of having a certain number of
attacks, and set bonuses) that makes VCS

A VCS combat round has two phases - the maneuvering
phase and the attack phase. In the maneuvering
phase, pilots spend their AP for Dodge and
bonuses on Dodge. The Dodge value (D20 plus
bonuses) lasts throughout the round and needs
to be beaten by any attack rolls (with D20 plus
bonuses). It represents the effort a pilot
invests in evasive maneuvers during said round.

The following is a short list of some of the
actions that can be bought each round:

2 AP Basic Dodge
1 AP per +3 to Dodge
4 AP Single Shot Attack
1 AP per +3 to hit
4 AP Short Burst (1 Attack)
6 AP Medium Burst (2 Attacks)
8 AP Long Burst Attack (3 Attacks)
4 AP Missile Lock
1 AP Fire Missile (requires Lock)
2 AP Fire Small Missile Volley (requires Lock)
4 AP Fire Large Missile Volley (requires Lock)
3 AP Reload Gun Pod/Switch Ammo Type

The rules I am presenting here represent the
simplified version. In the advanced version,
for example, the dodge bonus per AP is
depending on the Mecha's Maneuverability (i.e.
+5 for a Cyclone, +3 for a VF-1, +1 for a MAC
II) and the attack bonus per AP depends on the
Accuracy rating of the weapon.

This flexible system allows a plethora of
choices even for novice pilots. They can have a
basic dodge and two basic single shot attacks,
all without bonuses. Or they can choose to have
a dodge+12, and one basic attack. Or, they can
have a dodge+6 and an attack+6. Or, they can
decide not to dodge at all (thereby granting
all attackers automatic hits), instead sniping
one shot at +18.

There are rules on armor penetration and
damage (including different types of ammunition
meant to either punch through armor, or blast it
away), weapon range, initiative, breaking missile
locks, etc., but I would just like to get some
feedback on the core AP system.

I haven't played all combat systems out there,
so if it seems like something that already
exists, I am not plagiorizing it - I just
haven't found it :)
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