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Game seedlings.

Due to work, the summer represents a big gaming void for me. However, it is where I get a lot of long-term planning done. The games I start in September are often the best.

My group has expressed a desire to continue last winter's "adventures in Burlington Vermont" with d20 Modern. I dunno. I thought the game was good, but the system really does grate on me after a while. The characters should be free of the system, but so much of what they can do ends up getting defined by the system.

Actually, my weakness as a GM has always been my attention span. I can run a game for years and years, but often run one for just a couple months. All of my games last year were announced as short-term one story-arc games. I know this maddens some people, but at least I didn't start the game under false pretenses.

I also believe that all the parties involved should be enjoying themselves. If My players aren't or I'm not, there isn't much point, is there?

I'd thought about starting a "Buffy" style game in the same world, same city, different rules. However I've just finished running a high-school game (actually, I didn't finish, but time ran out and I had to go play soldier) and I'm not sure how long I could remain interested in the tropes.

Here are some of the ideas I've got floating around right now.

Riddle of Steel. A) Run a "knights" game, set a generation after a Crusade, as young men and women born and raised in the holy lands travel back across (insert Europe-like place) to visit their family holdings in (insert England-like place). It's sort of a strange "Oddessy" style game.

B) Same rules, twisted around a bit for a Japan or Rokugan setting. Very intrigued, but a fair amount of work-up to be done.

B5 meets Jovian Chronicles. C)A game set around a Hyperion Class refitted for exploration leaving the Transfer Point on Io. I did a lot of work on this in the spring but recently haven't thought about this one much.

There are a couple others bubbling around down there in that foetid pit I call a brain.

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