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Iron Roleplayer - Goblins

(Gracias to Zamiel for the spiffy new title)

Hey kids. It's time for a new instalment of the Iron Roleplayer thread, wherein I propose an ingredient, and everyone racks their brains to think of the coolest story/plot/encounter/whatever involving that ingredient. This week's Iron Roleplayer ingredient is the Goblin.

You can come up with something for whatever game you want, and this something cool can be anything from a random encounter to a giant plot to a spooky bit of imagery or whatever.

Simply post your cool idea as a reply to this post in as many or as few words as you want. The various readers of the Roleplayers Community can post comments or replies to your idea, and whoever gets the most positive feedback is the winner. As the winner you get no prize, but you can feel all cool about yourself and brag to all your loser friends.

In D&D, goblins have traditionaly been used as canon fodder, one step up from the kick-em-and-they-die Kobolds. In French folklore, and were small house spirits who sometimes did nice helpful tasks, and sometimes did mischief and evil. They like wine and beautiful children. In some tales the goblins sneak into the house at night to snatch away innocent youngins.

So there's your ingredient, feel free to create whatever you damn well want.


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