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New game in Northern NJ

I'm starting a new HERO based game in my local area. It will be a old-fashioned FTF game. So far I have 5 confirmed players and 2 others who are not confirmed. * is the max limit so there's room for one more possible player.

The game will be a teenage super-hero one, set in a varient Marvel Universe. The varient will be that the major hero's of the world have all all been killed or crippled beyond crime-fighting, as well as most of the villians, from an alien invasion that failed. There will still be some around, but the players characters will be the major ones in the focus of this game with the Marvel hero's making occasional cameos as needed. The game will be set in NYC, current Marvel time.

The characters can have any background really, so long as they can justify it. The game will be played on the first Friday of everymonth in the evening at my and my husbands house. Experiance with the HERO system is not required, though helpful, and house rules will be e-mailed to players with approved character concepts.
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