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So, started working some on the game for the Buffyverse. It's gonna be set in Denton, Tx, a small town just north of Dallas, Tx. Yes, I have determined in my game, that it does indeed have a hellmouth, and it is taking place two years after season seven. I would prefer High School to College Freshman aged characters, but I am willing to allow a teacher or parent or watcher, maybe. Have to be a good story. If I can get enough people interested in running online, I will set up another community. It is not nessecary to set up a new lj, but it is recommended. For those of you already running lj games, can I get some advise on how to do that? I have an idea for it, but i would like some help. this going to be cross posted at buffyrpers, and hellmouth_home, which is my own community for Buffy.
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