gernboken (gernboken) wrote in roleplayers,

Bolt –
When Randal Brighton Sr. was three he was struck by lightning. No one expected him to live, but he made it. There was nerve and chromosome damage. The doctors said he’d never be able to walk again, but they were wrong. After his recovery, he was a normal boy. They also said that because of the chromosome damage he’d never have kids. Randal Brighton Jr. proved them wrong about that. Randal Brighton Jr. was also a normal boy. He had an odd fascination with electricity. blahdee blah etc etc, Eventually he grew up and had electro powers, the end. Got bored with the history. Let’s see, he can absorb and store up electricity like a battery, he can use it to generate a force field to protect himself, he can make a static field and fly, and he can shoot bolts of power. He doesn’t generate power so he’s got to store it up.
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