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starting a superhero game soon. what follows are my quickly (and probably poorly) written descriptions of some character ideas.

True Believer – an unapologetic rip off of Captain America -
A desert storm veteran, Manuel Ortiz came home with gulf war syndrome. Nearly crippled by the symptoms he ended up on welfare, barely making it from day to day. Desperate for a cure, he volunteered for a unique and experimental gene therapy treatment program. The nine other volunteers all died. He was cured. The program was shelved as too risky. He took a job as a delivery driver and rejoined society. Eventually he found out that the gene therapy had had a strange effect on him. He was now stronger than ever, resistant to damage, could run very fast, jump very high, and had regenerative healing powers, and he never got sick. Then he discovered another strange power, if he was touching someone and they told him a lie, they were racked with pain. He kept his abilities a secret because he didn’t like the doctors in the program and didn’t want to become a subject of study. During the crisis on September 11 he tried to go to NYC to use his abilities to help in the recovery effort but he couldn’t get into the city. From that day forward he decided he couldn’t keep his abilities a secret. He designed a uniform and became a masked crime fighter, sworn to protect the innocent, and uphold the American way of life. He calls himself the True Believer. The True Believer is your standard four-color comic hero, over the top, dedicated to truth, justice, and the American way. His uniform is red white and blue. He uses his ability to detect lies to track down criminals, and his strength and agility to beat the crap out of them.
“Tell me the Truth… where is your hide-out?”

The Wolf – an unapologetic rip-off of Batman
Truman Eastman was, and always had been, an incurable playboy. He was undeniably clever and athletically gifted. But he wasted hi time on foolish pursuits and was a complete disappointment to his family. Until they paid for him to go to Harvard, and he met Cassandra Parker-Fenchurch. Cassandra was the love of his life and he turned around for her. He gave up his partying and turned to his studies. Much to the surprise of his professors he began to earn the A-level grades his family had been paying for all these years. He and Cassandra were formally engaged. He began pursuing a Law degree. Then one night, everything changed when Cassandra was brutally raped and killed. Truman dropped out of school and wasn’t heard from for several years. His family tried to track him down but he was always one step ahead of their private investigators. They trailed him from Thailand, to Tibet, to Hong Kong, to Peru, to Japan, Columbia, Moscow, Israel, lost track of him in the Middle East, picked him up again in London, lost him again, then one day he showed up at the family estate as if nothing had ever happened. The old playboy was back. He bought an expensive penthouse condominium in New York and took up his old life style. At the same time, a motorcycle-riding vigilante calling himself The Wolf has hit the streets. As of yet, no one has made a connection between the two. The wolf is basically a motorcycle riding batman type. A normal human with nearly superhuman investigative powers, a master level of martial arts, lots of cool gear, and a nearly insane desire to see the guilty pay for their crimes. He’s like Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Lee and Dirty Harry all in one. By day he’s a rich socialite, by night a masked crime fighter.
“Freeze you fuckin’ punk…”

The Guardian – a rip off of iron man and back to the future at the SAME TIME!
Jamie Boer wasn’t especially good at anything, but for some reason crazy old Doc Winston always took a liking to him. He’d hang out in the Doc’s basement and mess with his experiments. His dad was worried that it was a little weird, a young man spending all his time with an adult all day, so he came and spent the day there once. But he found it so boring he never came back. Jamie grew up and got a job as an auto-body mechanic in town. He spent less and less time with the Doc as he got older and started hanging out with his friends from work, but he still dropped by at least once a month, especially when the Doc started to get weak and old. When the Doc passed away, he left his house and everything in it to Jamie. Jamie moved in and started cleaning the place up. One day, he found the armor. The strange metallic armor was something the Doc had never told him about. He found a notebook describing it, the doc had called it “Guardian Armor”. It protected the wearer, was air and water tight, had its own internal air supply, shot lasers, but best of all, it could FLY. Jamie took it for a test run immediately. He’s still learning how to use it, and he’s afraid he might break it, but with all the other costumed heroes out there, he figures, what the hell, he might as well give it a shot.
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