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Campaign Help

Ok. I've spent the morning doing the research and here is my idea and my problem... you get to help with the solution :)

About 6 months ago, my group of Heroes were on a time travelling mission where they fought a team of Nazi Supervillains just prior to WWII. After the encounter, Overman, the leader of the Nazi team, had heard enough to realize that the people he fought were from the future and that it didn't look like the Nazi's won. He spent thhe war trying to ensure a Nazi victory, but realized that they WERE going to fail and started looking for a way to get out. He found a scientist who developed a sleep-chamber so that he could outlive those that remembered him and wake up in the future, scott free.

About 3 months ago, he was awakened by Simon Pinehurst (my major villain, a Geneticist). Pinehurst used his genetic engineering to "Upgrade" Overman into a much bigger threat (now instead of leading a team, he was a threat to my players all by his lonesome). Overman became Ultra. Pinehurst was defeated and jail (where he is now in the Hannibal Lector/Villainous Advisor role), but the team has no idea where Ultra is located.

Today. The Heroes have just gone on a Parallel World hopping adventure and they will be ending up on Nazi world soon. My idea is that when they escape Nazi world with the object they are seeking (and hopefully helping the resistance to begin the overthrow) the team will leave a little rip in space-time, allowing a small remnant of Nazis to escape into the Heroes' reality.

The Plan. I want Ultra and the expatriated Nazis to team up, conquer a small nation and have a Dr. Doom/Red Skull type threat with diplomatic immunity. My research today has been in the area of the United Nations and what they are willing to do and how soon.

Only two countries are not part of the UN (Vatican and Taiwan). But the UN has to either be invited or draft a resolution to send peacekeepers... this takes time.

The Problem: (This is where you come in ) Ultra and his cronies need a nation (preferably a socialist nation with a fascist underground or a fascist nation who needs a strong leader) that they can lead a revolution (meaning the UN will be unlikely to interfere) and overthrow the government.

1) Who do they invade (I was thinking Madagascar because of the size and it's an island)?
2) How do I keep UNICORN (my UNTIL) out of it?

Your help is appreciate and feel free to steal the idea if you like it.
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