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(cue music) Ogres with Halberds and Hobbits with Rings

These are a few of my favourite things!!!

Favourite RPGs by genre:

Legend of the Five Rings (spells and samurai and a good back-story at first).
Rolemaster (I don't think I can handle the charts anymore, but this was my staple for 7 years).
Lace and Steel (Lose the half-horses and you have a "civilized" fantasy role-playing game with some interesting mechanics).

Call of Cthulhu (haven't played it for years and years, but it was great when we did. This game has always had the best player-props).
All Flesh Must Be Eaten (Zombies! What can I say, I love those guys).

Champions/HERO (flexible as anything I've ever seen. The detailed movement began to get me down recently).
DC Heroes (I really like the AP system, and one day my meld of Silver Age Sentinels and DC Heroes will be complete!)
Villains and Vigilantes (An oldy. My first introduction to the genre, and it still has a place in my heart).

Space Opera (I loved the FGU games, and this was by far my favourite. Char-gen was needlessly complex, however).
Star Wars (WEG) (I never really enjoyed playing in the liscensed world, but it was a great framework for free-flying space opera action. This is the Minimal competion to Space Opera's Needlessly Complex).

Anyone else with other opinions/genre?

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