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New Roleplaying Communities!

Putting in a little plug for some of my games (two of which are just starting up). Hope this is allowed, and not pesty to anyone! The roleplay will take place primarily on LJ, with some live time chat sessions on IRC.

The first, wayside is a pirate RP, set in a land of high adventure where a monotheistic empire is spreading like wildfire over the world of Marden, seeking to convert or conquer the pantheistic demi-humans, spellcasters, and human traditionalists. You can play as a pirate, or a member of the Aurillian empire, or any other character that would fit into the setting (including spellcasters, fantasy creatures, druids, etc.)

The second is arcology , a rebirth of our five years running Nexus campaign. Nexus is a very detailed playworld, with a rich, magical history - where traditional fantasy meets chaotic pockets of technology. The Nexus itself is a very unstable demi-realm of chaosian nature, with the area of highest flux being centered around a large free city called simply Nexus City. Most traditional fantasy races are accepted, as well as the ARC RPG created races (which can be found along with the game at http://www.labarc.com/ARCRPG/ ).

The third is the OOC community for these first two, charloft

All three games will include occasional live sessions on IRC, some scheduled, some impromptu. Eventually, there will be the option to create a character sheet for your LJ community based character in the ARC system. This will not be mandatory, but only characters with character sheets will be allowed to participate in battles and adventures, and earn experience points for their efforts.

And of course, we're still doing sunnydaleosi, which is Buffy the Vampire slayer based, but with a twist (check out the user info). Some canon characters are still available, and we accept originals.

Whew, that's a lot of roleplay. Join one or more if you're interested , and/or join our bookclub, book_nook if you like to read!

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