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Rogue Weapons and Infiltration Items
Im playing an epic level high-elf rogue/shadow dancer in a 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. His premice is a cat-burglor of magic, who steals from wizards/nobles that hoard magical items and spreads them around to the needy and deserving. Anyway, im at the point where i am creating his personal platter of magical aids & weapons and was wondering if anyone had any specific items that i should concider. Our DM is kinda a power gamer, where he suits our characters up to be way stronger then works with their personalitys so streanth of the weapons you may suggest isnt an issue. So far i have (by the DMs request) an Intellegent Backstabber (shortsword), but looking for a good bow mix and dagger mix too but the Masters guide and even the expansion song and silence offers little in interesting magical bows and daggers.

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