L(aura) Cushing (charisma) wrote in roleplayers,
L(aura) Cushing

Sunnydale OSI: Slaying with a Plot Twist

For those of you Buffy fans who are looking for an original plotline in a Live Journal based roleplaying format -- not 'we start at season X', but an entirely new creation - you might want to check out sunnydaleosi for your entertainment needs. Based on the concept of the Watcher's Council becoming segmented after the colonization of America, in this world, at the end of World War II, the Watcher's Council of America formally disclosed the dangers of the occult threat to the US government, and the OSI (Office of Subterranean Information) was thus formed. As such, while the current campaign time is coming up to December, 1997, the change of timeline and history , using documented historical evidence for support, gives characters a fresh new way of looking at the world. Live chat sessions held on Saturday in our IRC chat room.

Contact charisma at Angelauric@yahoo.com or by AIM at LabArcDesigns if you are interested in joining.

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