Jenna Elf (lilithraevyn) wrote in roleplayers,
Jenna Elf

3.5 Animal Empathy/Wild Empathy

They REMOVED Animal Empathy as a skill and made it a Class-Exclusive Ability for Rangers and Druids. What the hell was the point of THAT? I agree that Rangers and Druids should have an automatic affinity for animals, but why can't anyone else??? Of course, they also made it so Rangers and Druids have to have Diplomacy for their Class Ability to work. If anything, I would have given Rangers and Druids "Wild Empathy" that worked. Period. And made it so that if other characters wanted to mimic it they would have to take Animal Empathy and Diplomacy ranks.... You know?

Ah well, that's all they put in the Dragon mag for me to work from... soooo, I guess I'll wait to see what the books say, in full. Not that I ever used Animal Empathy. But that isn't the point :) I made a character that has Animal Empathy as part of her backstory. It may become key later, but she is in no way a Ranger or a Druid. Nor will she ever multiclass as such.

Just random thoughts during my late lunch.

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