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Requesting a bit of help

Good day fellow players and GMs. carados and I are currently running a DM game in which we are allowing the player characters to start play as gods. It's more in an exercise of testing the players and both Carados and my ability to GM insanely powerful characters, divine rank 1 at lvl 18 character race.
That said, I as the Co-GM would like to set up a list of questions that every player character fills out that best will describe them, NOT their alignment which is set in the Hero Builders guide in D+D 3rd Ed. We have a player who is a known munchkin and basically this is a basic list for them to look back upon when they might get confused as to what they are going to do and to give them depth incase the new player or the older players has a hard time filling out a background on their demi-god.
I will have them all fill out the information that is in the Hero Builders Guide but I was hoping I could come here to get 25 to 30 questions that would be good for the characters. I will most likely ask questions like Favorite Food and Favorite Color. Both Carados and I wish to have the character sheets only there for situations that can't be role played through and I think a list of questions to flesh out a character someone would normally not think about is a good idea.

That said, can I get some help with some questions to ask the players? Thank you for your time and help in anything you answer or say here in advance.

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