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Exalted: the Dragon-Blooded

My tabletop Dragon-Blooded game has all but imploded over the last month or so, and I've been looking for ways to remedy that. One of the things that caused the game to fall apart was that the logistics involved in getting five people in one room for a few hours every other week were simply impossible. So, I conceived a plan. I'd run it on LJ or some other message service.

My questions are these: Who among you has done this before? That is, run a political-style game via message board. What can you tell me about running a game like that? Good idea? Bad idea? Is there any interest outside my own group in a game like that? You see, I think this is a fascinating idea, but I've got a few worries about it actually coming off well.

Anyway, that's that. Let me know what you think.

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