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DungeonMaster Infidelity!!!

A DM has made his girlfriend an active player in his game. She's really gotten into it (for a newbie), and has begun to understand some of the inside jokes and whatnot that centers around roleplaying. One day, at school, said girlfriend and DM run into girlfriend's non-player friend. She's wearing a very sexy short skirt, and it's obvious DM is staring. Girlfriend tries to get his head out of his dick, but DM is very stupid. DM invites sexy friend to play D&D and says she would be a true elf (we all know that given the chance, anyone would want to lay an elf).
Months later when Girlfriend and DM break up, DM reveals this to Sexy friend and they start dating. Is this not fucked up? Ex-Girlfriend has no-one to play with now, and on top of it, said DM lost Ex-Girlfriend's uber-spiffy dice!
Ex-Girlfriend must find new DM or become one herself...

Hey... Where's the MountainDew???

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