Thoughts of a nerdy feminist (idemandjustice) wrote in roleplayers,
Thoughts of a nerdy feminist

The dumb things we players do

A solo game I play in had such colorful, beautifully thought out villains that I found myself really wishing I could interact with them as something other than antagonists. I was obliged, and allowed to create a character designed to go along with them.

It's a once per week game. We would alternate characters each week. I was warned that eventually, my evil character would be taken from my hands and would revert to the DM's control.

That time came a while back, but I never felt the repercussions of it with my main, heroic character until the last time I played. I created a monster. The villainess I'd created, which my main character had never even heard of until last session, has become my worst nightmare. I've created a villain I can't defeat. I've screwed myself over. And I didn't even realize what I'd done in the beginning, I'd never thought of her as so unbeatable.

After a very brief, disastrous confrontation, ending with my heroine being captured, imprisoned and interrogated and tormented for weeks before being rescued, my villain has become my heroine's worst nightmare.

My DM is quite pleased.

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