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Looking for some Feedback

Well... for total effects of what this spell does for the Shadowrun System... the cost of the drain code is right.

In order to combat her evil Hermatic brother of immense power, my Phoenix Shaman Amilya has created her spell that she hopes will destroy him out right.

Spell Description:

As Amilya casts the spell the tempature around her drops several degrees as the heat is absorbed from her, those around her, the tempature in air also drops and a silence descends around her. As she releases the spell a Phoenix appears out of Amilya taking all the heat it had been stealing in the area and flying straight up and at the target, descending upon the target from above with a cry of a fierce bird of prey. Dealing damage while physically knocking people over as the Phoenix flaps the wings around sending sparks and flames everywhere. (Body to resist, is an Area Effect LOS Elemental Manipulation spell With the powers of Lighting Ball, Fireball, and the 3rd one for gusting people forget this spells name)

The spell is called "The Rebirth of the Phoenix" and has a low target number of 4, however the drain code is such that if thrown at light it's stagged up to deadly. Drain code is 4(DL+3)if thrown at the force 7 it is created at, if thrown at 10 or higher it naturally scales up... however an easy way to ensure that I can cast a multitude of these is through simo casting, or so I've been told.

Do you think it's a good idea to actually create this spell and use it on a person, let alone an evil sociopath of a brother who killed the character's Parents, Husband, and several close friends? It has a radius right now of 80 meters of effect and does three types of things, Lighting Ball, Fire Ball, and Wind Gusts.

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