Nathan (advon) wrote in roleplayers,

I need an RPG group BAD Paper/Pencil only please!!!

For a Seattle WA RPG group

I need a good group with an elaborate world and plenty of history. I like the players being strong enough to figure out what should be done and not laying that responsibility on the DM. I would be interested to drive to many locations in or around Renton (Seattle) WA.

I have played (and enjoyed) most Whitewolf (Vampire is my FAV of Whitewolf), D&D 2E and *3E*, Palladium - ninjas and superspys as well as Nightbane were my most fun characters. I would also like to check out starwars or, if people still play, Shadowrun.

I have been out of the gaming scene for 6 months because I had been tired of the monotonous, uninteresting stuff I had been playing before. I could only stand killing rats and snakes and digging in their hindquarters for the loot interesting for a minuet or so. Seattle disappointed me from a role-playing standpoint when I first moved here. I found a group and no one had a car but me! I was driving around for 2 hours and then had a repulsive game that quickly dissolved into a food gorge-fest!

Please, Please, Please EMAIL @

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