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Just a shout-out to anyone that plays Vampire: the Masquerade...

I demand that, if you do not already have it, you get the Malkavian clanbook. It's got to be, like, the most beautiful thing ever.

Okay, slight over-exaggeration, but I'm prone to that... ;)

Seriously though... it gives you such a good look into the history of the clan... and a good idea as to what the MMN is.

It was kind of funny, though... things that have been turning up in my LARP lately showed up in the book too - with NONE of the players involved having read it.

(Numbers being important. Point. The Malkavian talking about the other clans loving a Toreador. Point. The way the Cobweb feels to Malkavians. Point. There were other things, but I can't remember them offhand.)

The only thing I don't like is "Malkavian Time", since it makes little sense to me. To my mind, all Malkavians should be at MT 5, and be connected to a steady stream of collective consciousness that they can ignore most of the time, but can pick things up out of. Of course, these things can be completely random, like "Damn cats defecating everywhere" or the song that a Malk in Toledo has stuck in their head. That's how I'd make the system work. *shrug* I supposed MT merely accounts for their ability to ignore the calls to meetings...

I want to run a tabletop V:tM game now.

Next to get: the Toreador Clanbook! :D (I have a love for those two clans... them and their not-kid, the Daughters ;)

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