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So here's the deal. I just finished my first semester of grad school. I successfully played in a weekly tabletop, and even though it fell apart half the time, it was never my fault. I also successfully GM'ed a biweekly tabletop game that took about 4-12 hours of my time between games.

I just finished the Evil Term Paper From Hell that would have been far less evil if I had chosen a less frustrating topic. Now I'm faced with a summer with no job and all the free time in the world to game.

Despite having a little beef with world of darkness LARP orgs, I may go to the local OWBN game some weeks. I will also be acting as GameAid to my friends who just had a baby and thus can't get out of the house to game by bringing a game to them on their schedule (seeing as I'm jobless and all). I'll also be finishing up the TT I was running this semester (3 more games) and helping some local LARP GMs get their asses in gear. I think I'll also start another TT after I finish the one that's ending soon.

It's so good! All this free time! Free time that I have been denied. Sweet sweet lack of commitments. Ah... Of course, I'll still have to do stuff so as not to make the summer an entire academic waste, and that means reading a few books on systems theory and tech sociology and coming up with a soild masters thesis topic (a poor topic choice being what has made this paper a living hell for the past three weeks).

But back to gaming... In addition to academic pursuits, the occasional LARP and GameAid, I'll also be finishing up my homebrew system (don't we all have one?) and maybe getting it in draft form - i.e. all written out nice, in language someone other than me would be able to understand, with all the fluff and whatnot that most games have.

Ahhh.... Anyone want me to write them a module for some game? I feel like "wasting" time writing RPG stuff and I've found I write damn good modules. Funny, for all the writing gaming materials I do, I never seriously consider publishing it. Well, lately it's because I've got to concern myself with publishing academic works.

To stop the rambling with a question, has anyone here published something of their own? ...not counting writing an article for polyhedron or minds eye journal or something, or a section of a splatbook; I mean something entirely yours cover to cover (maybe not counting art). I'm interested in how it works, just in case I ever get the urge to get "serious."

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