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Lets see first post eh?

Ok so my name is Big Daddy Cool Cuddles. I am a Live Action Role Player in the Charlotte North Carolina area.

I play or would like to play:

Vampire the Masquerade(played)
Werewolf the Apocalypse(played)
Mummy the Ressurection(played)
Mage the Ascension(played)
Changeling the Dreaming
Wraith the Oblivion
Hunter the Reckoning

I am primarily a White Wolf only role player but wouldn't mind branching out into some of the other companies. I currently LARP with Tooth N Claw Productions every other Sunday and with Caveat Magus on the opposite rotating Saturdays.

I know of a good many other LARPs in my area if anyone is interested.

I like role playing cause A: I've been doing since I was a little kid(most people have), B: Meet interesting people, and C: Sometimes it's nice to answer to a different name.


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