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The Joy of The Hat of Disguise

I just finished my recent run of Everquest in the D+D world and I managed to slip one over on the players. I've been introducing them to various guilds and making them run about and choose what to do, I gave them one simple task which has turned into a monumental under taking.
They had to in the last adventure fetch something for an Epic Wizard, they did this and were shocked to find all the gates and teleport spells to have stopped working while they were in the wild. Fast forward to after the horrible weather and the gnoll running, they are stuck in the City of Qeynos when the Gnoll Hordes put the city into Siege mode. While they're here, they go about trying to find an NPC who gets captured by the Rogue's guild for trespassing, they get caught in the rogue's guild as well and told to steal a jewel, they do that, they give the jewel to guild leader, he tells them to go fetch the spear of the tresspassing NPC, well only 2 of them had gone down into the rogue area, when they come back they realize that an important item they want is gone from their rooms and that their wizard has been kidnapped. They find 2 potion bottles one half used the other empty and a hat of disguise.
Out in the middle of the bay is the man who had captured the wizard whom the team had gone after first. The Monk takes a running jump and manages to jump like 60 some odd feet onto the boat (potion of expedious retreat coupled with a ring of jump and a really good roll) So he lands, makes his balance check and the guy draws a sword and fails his balance check.
Quick stunning attack and the fighter actually fail his fort save, and a look around reveals the wizard inside her robe, the robe acting like a bag. A few passes later, 2 iskar come out of the water, the monk nails the closest and he responds with Multiple Image and there are now 5 Iskar's on the deck. The monk grabs the wizard and jumps back to the party with the paladin rowing with all his might to get to the faster moving ship.
Monk lands and the ranger throws a bottle of alchemist fire and manages to hit, they turn around so they fail to see how many iskar come slithering out from under the boat to extinguise it. Halfway back to the dock the party realizes that the items are still missing and row as hard as possible back.
The Ranger fires an arrow and manages to hit him, caused little damage, the man rips off his Hat of Disguise and jumps under the water and vanishes. Rowing up to the boat they're in time to get a look at a delayed action fireball.

Fast forward, the gnolls break into Qeynos and the party leaves with the Rogue's and the smugglers, they head to Erud, which is the direction the Iskar boat had been heading.
While there the party learns that Erudians HATE, Van Shir, Humans, Dark Elves, and Dark Elf Halves. The Monk uses the hat of disguise and gets the supplies as he's the only one who speaks Edraudian besides the Wizard. (Can't send the wizard that's the GM's character.)
With supplies they head towards the The Hole, and trip all sorts of alarms. Coming to the gate to the city of Paineel they're stopped by a guard, there are two on duty and both of them are humans plan and simple one just happens to be a low lvl blackguard (Enough to spot the sneaking of the Van Shir on a role of 19) and watches, his duty is to simply stop travlers, find out what they're doing there and if a threat to the city call for help and dispatch with them. The group comes back and he stops them, the Van Shir (This guy who plays him is a loud mouth and a braggart, which is exactly how his characters are) pretty much challenges the guy to a fight, the guard isn't quiet so sure he can take 5 people, 2 of which are Dark Elves and a human that radiates goodness. So thinking quick he uses the items I'd rolled up, takes off his guards helm and as he is wearing a pin in his long hair transforms into a demon and when he puts his helmet back on turns back into a human.
It made the party think twice as to attacking him and they with a bit of forceful proding by the Black Guard as to a good reason to be there let them through.

The hat of Disguise has always been one of my all time favorite items, it can make someone seem as fearsome as a demon or as gentle as a fair elven maiden. When used properly a human can appear to be someone's worst fears in a fight, now if they call the bluff the person is in trouble. It also allows for easy access to a city where possibly you're Kill On Sight normally, such as Dark Elves in most cities above ground.

Just thought I would share with everyone, hope you liked it. ;)

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