Hyperkinetic rabbity thing (macaco) wrote in roleplayers,
Hyperkinetic rabbity thing


Hi there. I've been watching the community for several weeks now, only just now deciding to join and introduce myself.

I'm a player, a GM, and a girl (in no particular order). My first introduction to roleplaying games came from the thrift store, in the form of a 1st ed. D&D boxed set. It had uncut chits, which put us off playing it for a good long time. Eventually we bought a 2nd ed boxed set, complete with miniatures and dice, and tried to play... it still didn't really catch on. When we found RuneQuest at another thrift store (I love those boxed sets), I GM'ed a module included in the box for a couple of school friends on a long car ride. It was a hit, and since then I've played and run games of Star Wars, D&D, 7th Sea, Mage, and d20 Modern.

I think this is a great community, and I've enjoyed looking through the calendar archive of previous posts. I hope to keep watching and learning.
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