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What? A Kabballah-using Mob?

The first issue. Changing a system out from under a group of players can be quite challenging. In my experience, it can be a game-breaker, although it shouldn't really be.

After two weeks to work on stuff I prepared the big 6 page hand-out (it was a little daunting to the players, but not all that hard).

The transfer from Silver Age Sentinels (SAS) to Mayfair Expontential Gaming System (MEGS, or DC Heroes, or Blood of Heroes) went very smoothly and the players all responded positively.

What helped:
#1 Both systems use 2d10.
#2 Both Systems use Body, Mind, and Soul. MEGS does break them down more formally, but SAS still has the breakdowns available through the "Less Capable" disad.
#3 Both systems use "power-levels."

What hindered:
#1 SAS, and most super-hero games I've played, are effect-based (I shoot fire from my nostrils. Okay, that's a Special Attack). MEGS is power-based (I have Fire-shooting, it comes from my nose).
#2 MEGS uses a pair of charts. We've really moved beyond charts in gaming these days.

The Session:
It was a lot of high-school stuff this time. Problems in class, problems after school.

Aletha/Wraith, alerted by ghosts, scouted out a strange gathering at Shady Acres Cemetary. There she spied on a pitiful remains of the local gang that the group has been putting the slippers to for the last couple sessions. When the black Saab pulled up she knew something else was going down.

She broke up the meeting with an impressive Fear effect, then noticed that the Saab glimmered with traceries of numbers and hebrew characters. Magically warded Mob? She tried to crack the wards as the wheel-man peeled out of the cemetary, but had no success.

Shawn/Arc's class was on a School Trip the next day. The museum was boring, the kids were up to their usual shenanigans, and then high-tech mercs arrived, taking hostages and trying to seize the key display piece, an ancient artifact rumoured to be Atlantean.

Arc showed up faster than I thought he would, as I'd kept Shawn busy with Glinda Lincoln, potential girlfriend. Shawn ended up looking like a fool, but Arc handled the brigands in a flash of an eye.

Misfit assisted Wraith's investigation, they discovered a confusing web of corporate links. The Saab's plate belonged to a corporate account, and they did manage to connect it to what seemed to be a chop-shop, but no one was home.

Meanwhile, in the Graveyard Johnny "Four-Eyes" Montezzo, ex-boss of Forest Hills and full-time dead mobster revealed some of the secrets of the Syndicate to Wraith. What had started as unscrupulous young executives dabbling in Kabballah and Hermetic Magic had turned into an organized crime group which had quickly co-opted or swept away existing mobs.

It was after midnight when Arc and Misfit drifted by the Police station to follow up on the arrests made at the museum. The Police had reacted positively to the Sentinels before, they were hoping to build on the good-will and maybe foster some connections among the Police.

To their surprise, the Police tried to arrest Arc.

Of course, stopping the Mach One Man and a powerful telekinetic can prove difficult. Puzzled, our heroes escaped. Checking the museum, they discovered a half-dozen police cars.

With a mystery left unsolved and school in the morning the heroes retired.

Morning news revealed that Arc had broken into the Museum and stolen the artifact at 23h00. Close examination revealed that although the costume matched the person was probably none other than Arc's new nemesis, the Mercury Mercenary.

The last scene involved following a lead delived by Johnny Four-Eyes. The kosher butcher-shop in Mount Forest, Forest Hills turned out to be warded by some very powerful Kabballic Wards. Cautiously they entered...

The octogenarian butcher sat in his dis-used shop like some aging butcher sitting in a dis-used shop. Not knowing what to expect, the group were pleasantly surprised to find the sorceror easy to deal with, and quite helpful. He explained how his secrets had been stolen from him by an apprentice, how that apprentice had in turn sold the secrets of Kabballic Magic to a group of young university students.

Life reared its ugly head at this point, and the session ended with some very positive feedback from the players.

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