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D+D Potion Question

Got a question for everyone.

I have 56 potions in my world (Created a couple and brought a few in from other games)

I'm wondering, how I could put in the newer potions into the mix for randomly determing potions and treasures (Which I like to do pre adventure to save time afterwards.)

I've got the colors for each of the potions, you know so they have a description but not an actual potion idea till they use it or get it tagged. I thought it was a good idea, and for the process of that, I want each potion to have a taste, which I'm working on right now.

Here is the location of the potions, incase anyone is intrested... in actually I have 61 potions, because of the gate potions from Everquest. Have to keep some Everquest items in for D+D Style EQ... well not really but I wanna. ;)

Thanks for any and all help you can provide. :)

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