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Agben'yaga was born in Arborea. Soon afterwards they moved to Arcadia, Amber (mother) managed to get a job
as a bar wench, and sometimes giving a private show if the price was right. The tavern is called the Long Kiss
Goodbye. Her mother loved her very much, and she worked hard to give her daughter as nice of a home as she
could being a single mother. N'yaga as her mother called her never knew her father apart from what she was told
which hardly anything at all.
She spent her childhood learning about animals, plants and her surroundings. One day while looking for some
flowers she met an old bariaur, who taught her the ways of nature and it's magic, how to fight with a weapon and
without one. Thunderhoof was his name, eventually he moved in becoming a permanent babysitter and teacher for
the young child. As the years passed N'yaga learned to hunt and trap animals. She grew to love Thunderhoof, she
watched him while he slept at night, and spied on him when he sometimes bathed in the near-by watering hole
but he was like a father to her and nothing more became of it, he saw to that. Since becoming of age she has
always be attracted to bariuars, thanks to the caring, protectiveness and teachings of Thunderhoof.
One day while Thunderhoof went to sell some furs and animal bits, N'yaga went to the tavern where her mother
worked, but she wasnt there, Seto the boss said she wasnt feeling well and sent her home. So off she went home
to check up on her mother, when she got there she instantly knew something was wrong.. she could smell it in the
air. The door was ajar, she ran inside, sword drawn and what she saw enraged her. She forgot all that she was
taught about fighting. Her mother was lying on the floor not moving. A woman, fairly dark skinned standing over
her, with blood on her. N'yaga charged, she screamed as she moved, tears blinding her as she fought this mysterious woman...

This is for my husband's Planescape campaign. My character is a wild elf/tiefling. She is a ranger. I still have to write the fight scene in which she will die as will the mysterious woman who is Netta's character.
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