Femme Fatale (acerbicreality) wrote in roleplayers,
Femme Fatale

Hey. new here.

I'm not all too sure what I'm doing here at 6:00 in the morning when I should be asleep in my bed, curled up around my pillows.

Well, that doesn't matter. ^^;

I'm Krystal. I've been role playing since I was about twelve years old. It all started one dreadful evening when I was on AOL and happened to stumble across a RPG called "real world RPG". Of course, to my horror, the RP mostly consisted of:

:: crosses over to room :: How are you? :: she sits down. ::

Even twelve year old eyes could discern bad writing from good -- I mean, come on! After stumbling around a bit, I found a Buffy RPG that was .. slightly better, and I fell into playing Buffy for the next four years until I discovered Anne Rice.

I role played Ricean vampires for about a year, then discovered the wonderful angst-filled world of Japanese Rock. Also known as jrock. After a year of consecutively playing j-rock, luck threw me into original characters and White Wolf concepts (mostly V:TM's Ventrues.)

Now, I run my own original chronicle that isn't really based on anyone or anything... It's just a game known as Kabuki Arc, and we mostly play via AIM, then post our edited scenes in kabukiarc. Is anyone familiar with this kind of play?
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