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High School Hijinks

The SAS game was delayed due to holiday commitments, so we ran on Monday evening instead.

Back at school monday the campus had a mixed reaction to Sean's "betraying" the QB. Glinda is universally liked, and there were enough witnesses to what Mike was attempting to pull off, however the Jock clique is split. Coach Gilroy is gone, implicated by Mike. Certainly Gilroy was pushing steroid use, but hypnozene (the dreaded date-rape drug) doesn't seem to be his style.

Dewey knows someone is on to his drug-scam, and Sean is a likely candidate. If only Dewey knew that Sean wasn't just the star Running Back, but was also the Meta-Human ARC.

Xav finds the key to a dis-used AV room, from his days as Junior AV Club Pres back when he was a minor-niner... trip to Stuckey's Hardware and "ta-da" the Center City Sentinels now have a secret HQ!

That evening the new coach ran the team through their paces... ...things didn't look promising.

Afterwards a quick trip to Golden's Estate allowed the team to tackle two problems: transport and the mysterious inhaler drug "Amyl Metaphedrine."

MISFIT ended up trading in his skate-board for a folding-leg 6' table as a kind of magic carpet so that WRAITH could keep up, while Arc, the Mach 1 Man, lazily jogged along below.

As Golden was in his regen-chamber (hey, he's 90 years old, being a 90 year old super-hero can really take it out of you) Jeeves sat down at the big old 1960's alien-tec (so, Jack Kirby-esque) Crime Computator (sic) and analyzed the mystery drug. He confirmed a couple of theories:

#1 that it was of alien or meta-human origin
(Misfit and Wraith, in unison: "What do you mean, alien?")

#2 that it had been coded to someone's DNA (Dewey, anyone?)

To wrap up a long day, Sean dropped the mask to make the 11pm appointment a stranger had requested by note. The rest of the Sentinels stood ready, poised for battle aboard a floating 6' table.

Of course, it was a trap! Nick and his gang of piston-head thugs came to bust Sean's head. Sean faced off man-to-man against Nick and "floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee" until the cavalry arrived. Then he high-tailed it out of there at normal speed as Wraith and Misfit took out the trash.

Arc arrived in time to stop a fleeing car.

On Tuesday Dewey and Sean had a "friendly" run-in at school. Sean also caught wind of a big pick-up at Wallace Park Wednesday.

Tuesday evening Wraith was trying to track down the enigmatic beauty Medea, and bumped into 6 1/2' of wing-ed fine italian marble the press have labelled a blood-thirsty beast -- Gargoyle! Their encounter went well (she didn't attack the Human Statue) and the fledgling Sentinels know that there is at least one other hero besides them and the antiquated Golden.

The session rocked. We didn't screw around, only one break, and little or no "life talk" intruded. I can't remember the time we got off to such a fast start (sit-down to play normally takes +/- 30 mins for us, last night it took 5).

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