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werewolf idea

So, Carey mentioned that if people wanted it, he coud run a werewolf game. He had run this little adventure before(I played a lupus ragabash Black Fury.)
I didn't want to play the same character again, so, using the Computer Witch template as a starting point, I came up with this idea.

A twenty one year old Black Fury Theurge, Homid, who had her First Change when she was fourteen. she had been out with her boyfriend when he tried to rape her. They never did find all of him. Anyways, the event was so traumatic, she was catatonic for a good two months, and when she finally "woke up" , the first memory she had was the rape. She didn't know her name, or her family. The Black Furies found her, and took her in. Only her first pack knows what brought about her First Change. From everyone else, she keeps it secret. She is still plagued by the nightmares of that fateful night. To seek her revenge, she hacks into suspected rapists, child molestors, etc, computers, and gets the info, and passes it on to the police, or to her tribe sisters. She's a Theurge, which means she's fairly decent with magic, and is a part of the Moon Daughters camp. She has hatred toward all abusive males, and if she sees one in action, she might just start frenzying.
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