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Fantasy Terrorism

Why do high power mages never blow things up in fantasy games?

Why aren't there 1st level hirelings with wands of magic missiles hanging out of scroll depositories when the cavalcade rolls by.

Given the chaos even an anticipated death and clearly stated line of succession can cause (take a look at the Stephen/Matilda war after Henry 1st died)

Surely it's not unreasonable to have a situation where rebel sympathisers would plot the removal of an undesirable leader and then call on thier homeland to come in and restore order ?

I'll tell you what started me on this train of though I was reading about the FBI files and McVeigh. Now leaving asides the whole conspiracy theory aspect (and trust me there's not going to be many that will). I was wondering how this would play out in a fantasy setting.

Then I got to wondering why it doesn't already
why when you can have a wand of meteor swarms and magical defences aren't too hot at the best of time doesn't politicals or the army or the assassins guild hire some earnest geek to point the wand and say the magic word.

I mean I remember having a rolemaster mage who became so powerful so rapidly that I couldn't find places to put all the points he was recieving (I made the mistake of allocating points Runequest style so they only went into skills I was using) anyway he cou to the stage where he could happily demolish a city block before I got too bored with him to play anymore (character abilies outstripped the character conception).

I remeber an couple of issues of the Avengers where the Absorbing Man wanted to go to a small island and set himself up as king (lovely Perez art as I recall it). What's to stop mages or clerics doing that.

Can't you see the wholley armies of a might makes right deity appearing on the hills around the city and ordering the leaders surrender and the populations conversion or else.

Hmmm I've kinda gone into a seperate point there should have made that two posts not to worry.
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