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Ground Zero session 22: 03/30/03

In game date/time: 9/16/01 / 09:26.

Just as Shadow is about to open the outside door, unsealing the shop, he hears a chuckle coming from the same spot he lost Eric's scent. He waits and extends his already hieghtened senses and determines that someone or something is there. Using his permanent mind-link with Stretch he tell shim what's going on and to block off the other door. Stretch says that he needs to check on the others and heads into the back of the shop, stretching his body to fill the doorway again.

In the kitchen Cobalt and Rocky are trying to decide how to save Derrick's life, since he looks like he's been burned inside and out by the new powers he exhibited. Aidan, Daniel and Jen are here also, all unconscious. They decide to risk using Daniel's healing power even though he's still unconscious. Cobalt uses his magnetic powers to lift the nanite filled Derrick over to Daniel. Within seconds Daniel's unconsious body is screaming in pain as smoke escapes his mouth and his skin boils off. After a second the golden glow that usually shows his powers in action fades, and both Derrick and Daniel are still injured, though Derrick is almost completely healed. Rocky checks on Daniel to make sure he's ok, but when she checks his vitals on his neck his head falls off and his body collapses into ash. She screams about how she killed him and grabs his 'body' with her TK holding it together. Cobalt lifts Derrick out of the way.

Eric suddenly screams "NO!!!" at the knowledge of his lover dying and runs to the kitchen, slamming into Strecth but not getting through. He becomes visible and starts screaming at Stretch, telling him how he has to see Daniel. Stretch refuses him, and Eric starts to float in midair, displaying the fire powers that Derrick did moment earlier, but without negative effect to his own body. He starts attacking Stretch to try to get past, but Stretch holds while filling the room with the smell of burning rubber.

Upstairs one of the children rescued last night, Kayla, is woken up and she screams with the knowledge of Daniel's burning himself out. She races downstairs, through all the locked doors somehow, and into to the kitchen. As the battle with Eric erupts in both rooms, she tries to revive Daniel. Rocky, distracted both by the battle and emotions formerly locked away about he husbands death in the terrorist attacks, fails to notice that Daniel is resurected and continues to use her mental powers to attack and subdue Eric.

Midway through the battle Stretch changes into the John persona he displayed during the rescue mission to save the fireman two days ago, breaking his mindlink connection with Rocky and Shadow. He forms guns and his body suit color changes from matt gray to desert cammo. His bullets miss Eric though and splash like green paint balls against the rainbow shimmer force field protecting the walls of the shop. Eric however has better luck with his flames and seriously hurts Stretch, who disappears behind a riot shield he forms from the guns.

Cobalt moves into the dining room, between the kitchen and the shop, carrying Derrick with him. Cobalt and Shadow tell Stretch to let Eric into the kitchen, after Cobalt uses him metal sensing abilities to lock onto Eric blindly and trap him in a magnetic force bubble. Jen wakes up at this point and talks to Daniel and Kayla while Rocky cries, sobbing at Daniels & her husbands death. Stretch stands aside, forming into a man shape and the shield turns back into a rifle.

Eric tells Daniel how he did what he did to prove himself after Daniel cheated on him with Aidan. Daniel tells him how that's all bullshit and that he ran and showed his true colors, that what happened between him and Aidan was spurred by a new awareness of themselves and each other, and that they would not have excluded or hurt Eric with it, but he is disgusted by Eric's actions. Angry Eric turns on the unconcious Aidan and prepares to kill him in a vicious fire blast.

Rocky, Jen, Shadow and Cobalt all take action at once to either take down Eric or protect Aidan. Given Eric's previous injuries from the battle he drops and Aidan is safe. Rocky grabs both Daniel and Aidan and takes them upstairs, but not before Daniel grabs Jen and heals her burns. Kayla moves into the dining room to see if she has enough strentgh to finish healing Derrick. Jen finishes plotting her plan to use the nanites in Derrick or Eric to destroy CIBON once and for all.

Cobalt however, being suspicious of CIBON, does another metal scan and senses, barely, a microscopic wires stretching from Derrick to Eric, with the nanites being migrated to Eric's unconcious form. Cobalt uses his magnetic powers to stop the transfer, leaving Derrick with about a quarter of his nanites left. As soon as the flow is interupted, Eric disappears! Cobalt calls for another lockdown trapping him and Jen in teh kitchen alone with Eric, Derrick and Kayla in the dining room and Rocky with Aidan and Daniel upstairs in the living areas of the building. Stretch had been in the dining room, but also disappears.

CIBON, using Eric's body, gives the ultimatum that he will have Inferno kill everyone gathered at Ground Zero and infect the President, Govoner and Mayor if they do not allow him immediate exit from the shop. If they let him go he will have Inferno not harm anyone there. Jen accuses him of lying but he explains that with the concentration of Derricks and Eric's nanites in Eric he can do what he says. Cobalt accuses him of still controlling Derrick, and CIBON explains that if he pulls the rest of the nanites out of Derrick he will die, as his body was modified to need the nanites to survive, but due to Aidan's meddling and override Derrick doesn't need to fear him now. They banter back and forth a bit more, when CIBON issues an ultimatium that they have 5 seconds to decide whether or not to let him out, or he will force his way out, killing them all.

The next session starts with the countdown...
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