Thoughts of a nerdy feminist (idemandjustice) wrote in roleplayers,
Thoughts of a nerdy feminist

If this is inappropriate here, I'll be happy to delete it

How do you handle participating in a game with a person you have SERIOUS personal conflict with? (I'm talking history of abuse, threats, stalking, etc.) I'm about to go into a LARP run by a very close friend of mine, and I have this suspicion that my ex, who I've cut completely out of my life, is going to be there. I don't want to cause a conflict for my friend's game. I do believe that if he (my friend, the ST) were made to choose, he'd prefer to have me in the game than my ex. Oh, and he doesn't even really know about the personal issues between the two of us.

I'm just wondering the best way to handle this without putting a lot of extra stress on the ST or myself, and without managing to have my ex come back into my life.
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