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A Successful Sunday

Double-game Sundays continue!

d20 Modern went well. It was the finale of the story arc, and the players realized that sitting on 20+ Action Points (they are all 4th lvl and previously treated APs as a "never more than once a session" resource) was pointless... ...and oh how they spent them.

In fact, as GM I found it a little frustrating, as most of the die-rolling occurred in the final few minutes of the game (a rollicking fire-fight in a burnt-out chalet, looking for the Interdimensional Portal they wanted to destroy, to keep Burlington Vermont safe from extradimensional bad people)and the players each spent about 10 APs.

Good cliff-hanger, with the players totally unsure what happened to their characters.

The intermission was filled with Char-gen quizzes for Silver Age Sentinels. As a Champions junkie for almost 20 years I always have trouble wrapping my head around other systems, especially when they are similar in style (ie, buy power, assign special effect, modify power with stuff).

After a run home for dinner (apparently it was international pizza day) it was back for Exalted.

It was a really strange session:
Firstly, Karly was in a bad mood, she was very argumentative all session and that isn't like her.
Secondly, Adrian's character, who is so obviously not working with us, provided obstacles at every path. I'm caught on the horns of meta-gaming here, as I know what's going on, but my character has no idea...
...Thirdly, I think it has been obvious what's going on, even to my character, but the GM wants it to remain a big secret, so even when my character discovers the subterfuge the GM still ignores or re-directs my investigations down obviously fruitless avenues. This wouldn't be a problem, except the subterfuge directly effects my character, and my character's goals. It's irksome to hear the player screw with me and mine. Oh well, if I wasn't a Paragon I could have just made a scene, but I'm doomed to suffer in stoic silence.
Fourthly, the room was redolent with "green" smoke when I arrived. Now I know my friends indulge, and frankly I couldn't give a darn. They know I don't dig it, so they don't do it in front of me. Normally they leave their little indulgences for the post-game session, once I've packed up and headed home to my girl. This time I got to sit in a poorly ventilated room (there was quite a cold-snap here last night, so the windows were closed, and the other room-mate had guests, so the game-room door was closed.

Despite my belly-aching I think the GM is doing a great job. The story is intriguing, the action exciting, and the challenge almost insurmountable.

We went a little late last night, but not in a bad way.

Overall Weekend Rating 4.1/5
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