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Ground Zero session 21: 03/23/03

Here is the weekly update for my game. I'm cutting it to protect the innocent, though it should make more sense now than last weeks. After last weeks drama, and discussing with my players, I've also created a community journal just for my games, named drews_games. I'll be posting more stuff for my game there, such as character updates, NPC info, news broadcasts and the palyers that took a Journal disad will be posting there as well. So if you like the game synopsis I posted a few weeks back, and were interested in following it just for fun feel free to check it out.

"Cut due to adult concepts and virtual violence'

In game date/time: 9/16/01 / 09:18.

The group gathers in the kitchen of Curious Wonders, Artis’ inherited magic shop, where Jen had already made omelets for everyone. Rocky and Jon are still wearing their new costumes when Derrick and Artis join them. Jen pops out to check on her sister, Michelle, but comes back as she’s sleeping heavily. Derrick seems to have a lot weighing on him, but insists on waiting for the others to arrive before talking.

Artis comes down, and Joshua, the shops resident spirit/ghost. puts him in his own costume for a quick fitting. Derrick confesses CIBON’s actions for the last few days, ashamedly. As the group discusses how to handle the news that CIBON is taking over Derrick’s body and attempting to procreate by forcing it’s nanites into the others. The discussion ranges from morality, CIBON’s culpability as a newly ‘born’ life-form, the act of the violation itself and how it’s not Derrick’s fault in his shame of being a str8 man raping other men. During the discussion Aidan, one of CIBON’s victims, walks in. During the discussion Shadow and Rocky have a side conversation wondering if Shadow’s new found human traits are really a fragment of Jon’s personality disorder that got stuck in him during the time of the collapse and while they were trapped under the rubble of Ground Zero.

Aidan, enraged, immediately wants to shut CIBON down, remembering the nightmares he had about being raped and the recent incident where he was forced to use his cyberpathy to allow Derrick the manual override that in fact saved everyone else for being violated and infected. The discussion procedes that while everyone understands Aidan’s outrage, they all need to talk to CIBON first to understand why he’s done this at all.

Rocky sets up a group mindlink and connects everyone to Aidan through her. Aidan uses his cyberpathy to connect with CIBON. It’s a struggle to force CIBON to communicate with the others, and questioning him reveals that Eric, Daniel’s lover and Domestic Partner, has in fact developed powers, is invisible and in the store, prompting a sealing of the store magically. While Shadow and Stretch go to try to track Eric down using Shadow’s nose and ears, CIBON defends itself. It says that it’s merely trying to procreate, that in his computer world hacking could be likened to rape and is acceptable for a forced upgrade, that the ends justify the means, and that Aidan ‘raped’ him first and again now by forcing this mental contact.

Rocky and the others have a hushed and rushed discussion about ending the telepathic ‘rape’ of CIBON and convince Derrick to relinquish control of his body again. Derrick and Aidan both speak against it, but the majority rules. Derrick allows CIBON control just as Shadow and Stretch leave the room, and all hell breaks loose.

CIBON tries to escape immediately, leaping over the kitchen table and for the open door. Stretch stops him though with his quick thinking, stretching his body to cover the whole doorway and holding tight. His prevents Derrick’s body from running out and holds him still. Cobalt grabs Derrick’s body with him magnetic powers, holding him aloft. Rocky struggles to maintain her psychic link with everyone, Derrick especially who is now trapped in his own mind. Shadow, separated from the others continues searching for Eric, and follows the fresh scent to the front door, where it disappears.

Held aloft Derrick’s body issues an ultimatum, that he needs to get out of here to prevent any harm from coming to them. Rocky knows it’s a bluff though as the thoughts are not Derrick’s and must be CIBON’s. Derrick’s body then disappears as it shoots flames, powers Derrick never exhibited before. It hits Daniel and Aidan first, causing significant burns to them both and knocking them both unconscious. Luckily Daniel took the brunt of the blast as his healing powers should allow him to recover to help the others.

Jen leaps and grabs Derrick’s foot, shocking him with her electricity powers. When she grabs him though she finds out that he’s on fire and she gets burned as well. Daniel proved to be susceptible to her shocks before, but doesn’t seem to be as affected this time. Stretch leaps from the doorway and surrounds Derrick and Jen with his own body to protect the others and cut off air to the flames. Losing line of sight doesn’t cause Cobalt to lose his magnetic grip on Derrick’s body, but he realizes that if he lets go he won’t be able to grab him again since he can’t sense Derrick even with his ability to sense metals.

Jen, using her speed, shocks Derrick’s body twice more before anyone, even Derrick, has a chance to react. Shadow returns to the kitchen, transforms to his bipedal form and waits to see if he can be useful.

Derrick finally responds, scorching Jen, but she manages to activate her force field in the nick of time. Cobalt argues with Rocky and Stretch that CIBON still might not know what it’s doing, that this might be morally right in it’s mind. Rocky shares that what she felt through Aidan’s mind shows that the CIBON knew exactly what he was doing, and was doing it to hurt, not to survive. Stretch, using deductive reasoning, says that CIBON was using them all and playing them like fiddles, and needed to be stopped. Jen gets the idea that she should be able to see electricity, and therefor Derrick, and succeeds in activating that new power, but his invisibility protects him from being detected anyway. Rocky and Jen get hit with the same idea and start to try to implement them individually.

Jen, still holding Derrick’s foot in midair, tried to see if she can control the robotic nanites in Derrick’s body, and effectively shut off CIBON without hurting Derrick further, but ever start ends in more damage and pain for Derrick. Rocky however mind controls Aidan’s unconscious body into action, forcing his body to act, much like CIBON was doing to Derrick’s body. She triggered his cyberpathy with the command of “Stop it.” and Aidan does. CIBON is suppressed long enough for Derrick to trigger the manual override again, and crumble in the pain and damage of the electrical burns throughout his entire system.

Stretch and Shadow go back to tracking Eric while Cobalt and Rocky tend to the injured Aidan, Daniel, Derrick and Jen. Daniel starts healing quickly as expected, and they place Aidan, the least injured on him. Daniel’s healing powers, being uncontrolled, take Aidan’s wounds into himself healing Aidan and then starts healing himself all over again. They debate whether or not Daniel can handle Derrick’s fatal burns or if Derrick can survive until Daniel awakens and can heal him in safety.

Shadow and Stretch quickly search the whole building, and still the freshest scent is in the store part, where it disappears. Shadow gets ready to open the front door to check outside and see if Eric has already escaped.

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