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Let's try venting here now

It's official.

My creative juices are feeling stifled.

Every time I pick up anything, from a comic to a newspaper, I can't help but start spinning off new campaign ideas. Great. Wonderful. I'm a frikkin' bastion of creativity.


I'm running a game. A game I like, a system I'm happy with, players I like... ...and I can't concentrate on the matter at hand. I have a whole week to write for one session (well, I have work, and Corinna, and sleep, but I still have a basket full of discretionary time) and every time I end up sweating it down to the wire because I'm too busy daydreaming about bronze-age fantasy, a return to Center City and superheroes, or a Victorian game of Adventure!

Doug = Bad GM! There. I've said it.

The reason this really burns my botty is that for years and years I was the master of the Long Running Campaign. Rolemaster in university, Champions during the mid 90's, L5R during the late 90's, if I ran it I ran it for three years.

Since the dawn of the new millenium I can't think about one game for over a month.


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