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Mark Owens

Seven Days, Seven Games #3

Being the Third in a series of seven campaign capsules I'll be posting over the next seven days.

Inconnu Quartermain and the Book of Nod

where/when: modern world of darkness. Some vampires believe that the ancients will awaken soon and destroy them all. You've been hand-picked to stop it. A cult dating back to the fall of the Roman empire has raised you, trained you, embraced you and sent you out to research, locate, and excavate an artifact to stop the apocalypse. You'll be fighting feral Nosferatu in the catacombs beneath Rome, evading the sun in excavations outside Cairo, and schmoozing at Toreador cocktail parties in Vienna. Gehenna is just around the corner, and there's no time for angst!

who: Characters play vampires of any major clan; embraced in the 1920's. Generation will start at 10th. Concepts should be pulp as hell.

how: Obviously, Vampire: the Masquerade. Some people have bad things to say about Revised. I am not one of those people. Justin is the shit.

Recommended viewing/reading: Alan Quartermain, Indiana Jones, Doc Savage, and James Bond

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