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I'm running a HERO 5th Edition game in a modern - super hero genre, based on events after 9/11. Basicly the various chemicals and toxins released during the collapse of the Twin Towers turns some exposed people into paranormals somehow, so it's a world everyone is familiar with and also lets some cathartic healing to the tragic events and helplessness some people felt at that time. I'm going to start cross-posting session notes and highlights here for easier access than the game logs.

The characters are:
Rocky: Lawyer from Cantor-Fitgerald who lost her husband and home in the collapse, though not her cat. He has developed full psionic powers.
Jon: CIA agent who was near the Trade Center when the planes hit, and was caught in the collapse, with Rocky's cat, and has developed body-altering powers.
Shadow: Rocky's cat who was mousing during the collapse, and got trapped with Jon. He's developed a were-cat morphing power.
Artis: Was visiting his Cantor-Fitzgerald with his elderly aunt when the first plane hit. She died instantly, but he developed magnetic control powers.
Derrick: College student whose apartment was damaged by a piece of plane, and has turned into a cyborg.
Aidan: Irish hacker with a penchent for things mystical, who has developed cyperpathy and magical abilities.
Jennifer: NSA agent investigating the collapse site who has developed super-speed and electrical powers.
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