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A whimsical excercise

Was just thinking about various movies that reminded me of role playing games and thought I'd solicit community opinion on the subject.

So the question is, what movies do you think best capture the spirit of specific role playing games? For instance, if you had a prospective new player or nongamer you were trying to quickly bring up to speed, you'd say that a _______ campaign is kind of like _______. I realize that campaign styles vary but that should make the answers interesting.

Here are mine:

Vampire: Near Dark, which combines sabbatish vampiric group politics with lots of baroque moping. (Runner up: Interview)

Dungeons & Dragons: Fellowship of the Ring. Here we are, here are our skills. Let's go underground! (Runner up: The Bakshi Lord of the Rings)

Amber: Something about far-flung westerns like The Good, The Bad & The Ugly and Winchester '73 make me think of Amber. Probably the obvious superhumanity of the participants, the fact that they're always chasing each other, and the gradually shifting landscape. (Runner up: this really bad film called The Gamble which only makes sense if it's the story of Corwyn & Florimel during C's pre-Nine Princes amnesia).

In Nomine: Dogma. Hate to say it, but it does seem to have approximately the mix of comedy & tragedy, angels & devils, mortals & immortals the game seems to call for. (Runner Up: The Prophecy & Lost Souls tie while coming at it from two directions.)

Wraith The Oblivion: Carnival of Souls (the b&w original) & The Others for the struggle against oblivion. Can't go into details on either, other than to say that the parallels are more apparent the second time. (Runner up: Wings of Desire for an understanding of pathos & vicarious passion).

Changeling The Dreaming: The BBC miniseries Neverwhere (based on the Neil Gaiman book). It mixes depressing urban landscapes and uncanny magic very changelingeingly. (Runner up: Night Breed)

Call of Cthulhu - Standard: Ninth Gate. Despite the unHPL Satanic theme it does get across the healthy respect people should have for books and strange drawings. (Runner up: From Beyond for the more haunted-housy sort of game).

Call of Cthulhu - Delta Green: Species. No two ways about it. Hi! I'm a biologist, I see that you're a gunman, a psychic, a suit and an anthropologist. Let's jump into our van full of weapons and hunt things impossibly stronger than we are!

Mage The Ascension: The Matrix. Reality is programable, but someone is trying to trap us and make us obey the rules. (For a more down-to-earth version, there's Altered States).

Dark Conspiracy: Event Horizon. If you know the DC secrets, you understand. If not, I shouldn't say.

Can't think of a decent movie that really got the feeling of a Cyberpunk/Shadowrun/etc. type game. Strange Days, maybe?

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